12th SSCN Annual Meeting


Christine Mummery, Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands
Human pluripotent stem cells in understanding genetic cardiovascular disease and effects of drugs

Yann Barrandon, EPFL
Crossing boundaries

Martin Ehrbar, University Hospital Zurich
Biomimetic biomaterials for the creation of stem / progenitor cell microenvironments                 

Daniel Cirera, Salinas Institute for Molecular Health Sciences, ETH Zürich
Non-canonical function of DGCR8 is required for exit from pluripotency through splicing of Tcf7l1 mRNA

Walter Blum, Department of Medicine, University of Fribourg
Stem cell factors-based identification and functional properties of in vitro selected subpopulations of malignant mesothelioma cells

Vijay Chandrasekar, Institute of Neuropathology, University Hospital Zurich
Elucidating the physiological function of cellular PrPC using human iPS cell model system

David Suter, Life Sciences / Institute of Bioengineering, EPFL
A role for mitotic bookmarking of SOX2 in pluripotency and differentiation

Paul Bourgine, Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering; ETH Zürich
Engineering of customized human hematopoietic stem cell niches

Paolo Occhetta, University Hospital of Basle
Engineering stable cartilage from adult human mesenchymal stromal cells: the role of BMPs pathway inhibition

Mara Fornaro, Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research, Basel
ATP citrate lyase: a novel link between skeletal muscle metabolism, satellite cell function and  regeneration

Anne-Sophie de Preux Charles, Department of Biology, University of Fribourg
CNTF as a new key local effector of cardiac preconditioning in zebrafish

Caroline and Geoffrey Burns, Harvard Medical School, USA
Mechanisms regulating zebrafish heart regeneration

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