Established in 1971, Streck develops and manufactures products for clinical and research laboratories. Streck’s passion for innovation, quality and service has allowed the organization to become a world leader in the development of quality control and diagnostic products that help laboratories ensure accurate and timely results for patients. Streck offers the industry’s leading automated erythrocyte sedimentation rate instrument and is a worldwide supplier of blood collection tubes that standardize methods for sample collection, stabilization and transportation. Expanding product lines include flow cytometry, body fluids and urinalysis with emerging products being developed for the burgeoning field of molecular diagnostics.



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Item No. Short Description Content
230244 Cell-Free DNA Blood Collection Tube CE 1000x10ml 1000x10ml
218997 Cell-Free DNA Blood Collection Tube CE 100x10ml 100x10ml
213326 CD-Chex Plus Normal 2x2.5ml 2x2.5ml
211130 A1c-Cellular LV 1,2 Cap piercea 2x2ml 2x2ml
211124 A1c-Cellular LV 1,2 Cap piercea 6x2ml 6x2ml
285536 A1c-Cellular Linearity L1-5 5x2ml 5x2ml
221101 Cal-Chex (calibrator) 1x3ml 1x3ml
221103 Cal-Chex (calibrator) 3x3ml 3x3ml
221107 Cal-Chex A Plus (calibrator) 2x3ml 2x3ml
221106 Cal-Chex A Plus (calibrator) 1x3ml 1x3ml
221108 Cal-Chex A Plus (calibrator) 3x3ml 3x3ml
213567 CD-Chex CD103 Plus 1x1ml 1x1ml
213568 CD-Chex CD103 Plus 2x1ml 2x1ml
213557 CD-Chex CD117 Plus 1x1ml 1x1ml
213558 CD-Chex CD117 Plus 2x1ml 2x1ml
213336 CD-Chex CD34 LV 1 1x1ml 1x1ml
213337 CD-Chex CD34 LV 1 2x1ml 2x1ml
213338 CD-Chex CD34 LV 1,2 2x1ml 2x1ml
213339 CD-Chex CD34 LV 1,2 4x1ml 4x1ml
213346 CD-Chex CD34 LV 2 1x1ml 1x1ml
213347 CD-Chex CD34 LV 2 2x1ml 2x1ml
213382 CD-Chex CD34 LV 3 1x1ml 1x1ml
213383 CD-Chex CD34 LV 3 2x1ml 2x1ml
213554 CD-Chex Select (S1, S2) 2x3ml 2x3ml
213555 CD-Chex Select (S1, S2) 4x3ml 4x3ml
213565 CD-Chex TdT Plus 1ml 1ml
213566 CD-Chex TdT Plus 2x1ml 2x1ml
213376 CD-Chex Plus BC Low,Normal 10x3ml 10x3ml
213375 CD-Chex Plus BC Low,Normal 4x3ml 4x3ml
213374 CD-Chex Plus BC Normal 2x3ml 2x3ml
213373 CD-Chex Plus BC Normal 1x3ml 1x3ml
213378 CD-Chex Plus BC 5x3.0ml Normal 5x3ml 5x3ml
213372 CD-Chex Plus BC CD4 Low 2x3ml 2x3ml
213371 CD-Chex Plus BC CD4 Low 1x3ml 1x3ml
213377 CD-Chex Plus BC CD4 Low 5x3ml 5x3ml
213330 CD-Chex Plus CD4 Low 1x2.5ml 1x2.5ml
213331 CD-Chex Plus CD4 Low 2x2.5ml 2x2.5ml
213332 CD-Chex Plus CD4 Low 5x2.5ml 5x2.5ml
213324 CD-Chex Plus® CD4 Low Plastic 1x3.0ml 1x3ml 1x3ml
213368 CD-Chex Plus CD4 Low Plastic 5x3ml
213366 CD-Chex Plus CD4 Low Plastic 2x3ml
213344 CD-Chex Plus Low,Normal 10x2.5ml 10x2.5ml
213340 CD-Chex Plus Low,Normal 2x2.5ml 2x2.5ml
213341 CD-Chex Plus Low,Normal 4x2.5ml 4x2.5ml
213325 CD-Chex Plus Normal 1x2.5ml 1x2.5ml
213327 CD-Chex Plus Normal 5x2.5ml 5x2.5ml
213333 CD-Chex Plus Normal 8x2.5ml 8x2.5ml
213370 CD-Chex Plus Plastic Low,Normal 10x3ml 10x3ml
213369 CD-Chex Plus Plastic Low, Normal 4x3ml 4x3ml
213391 CD-Chex Plus Plastic Low,Normal 2x3ml 2x3ml
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