DNA Diagnostic A/S is a Danish biotech company established in 1992 and has developed several PCR and qPCR test kits. HemaVision® is a series of CE marked in vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests for fast and sensitive detection of chromosomal translocations associated with leukemia. These multiplex reverse transcriptase-PCR tests are performed in clinical laboratories to screen RNA for genetic defects correlated with the development of leukemia. DNA Diagnostic A/S is certified in accordance with the ISO 9001, and ISO 13485 standards and has also been assigned the Free Sales Certificate.

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Item No. Short Description Content
HV01-Screen HemaVision®-Screen 25 Tests
HV01-7Q HemaVision®-7Q 12 Tests
HV04-RM HemaVision® reagents module
DD-HV-1B Adaptor plate for qPCR tubes 8 Plates
HV06-RMP HemaVision® reagents module with DNA Pol
HV03-119 HemaVision®-1;19 25 Tests
HV03-1221 HemaVision®-12;21 25 Tests
HV03-1517 HemaVision®-15;17 25 Tests
HV02-1517N HemaVision®-15;17N 25 Tests
HV01-28N HemaVision®-28N -20° 25 Tests
HV01-28Q HemaVision®-28Q 12 Tests
HV03-411 HemaVision®-4;11 25 Tests
HV02-512N HemaVision®-5;12N 25 Tests
HV01-7 HemaVision®-7 25 Tests
HV05-7PC HemaVision®-7 positive controls 1 Test
HV03-821 HemaVision®-8;21 25 Tests
HV02-821N HemaVision®-8;21N 25 Tests
HV03-922 HemaVision®-9;22 25 Tests
HV02-922N HemaVision®-9;22N 25 Tests
HV03-16 HemaVision®-inv16 25 Tests
HV02-16N HemaVision®-inv16N 25 Tests