SUPPLIER Theradiag


With more than 25 years experience of developing, manufacturing, and marketing innovative in-vitro diagnostics, Theradiag is now strengthening its presence in theranostics. Their new name, Theradiag, illustrates this approach. With CE marking in 2010 and the  launch in 2011 of the first Lisa-Tracker kits, they are expanding this panel by developing and launching new kits. The goal is to offer clinicians and patients a wide range of biotherapy monitoring kits.

In the coming months, Theradiag will be extending its offer to assist in the monitoring of biotherapies in other treatment areas, such as infectious diseases and cancer. They will also continue to develop the traditional activity in IVD, and specifically autoimmunity and innovative oncogenetic diagnostics. This technological and innovative evolution will allow RUWAG to better serve its clients and contribute to improving the bio-therapeutic treatments of today and the future.