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LVL technologies

LVL technologies GmbH & Co. KG is a supplier of consumables for laboratory automation and automated liquid handling since 1986. Over those years, the owner-managed company has been providing sample storage solutions for more than 600 customers in the biopharmaceutical, human and veterinary diagnostics.

Sample Storage Solution by LVL technologies

Biobanking practices are essential for long-term preservation of large quantities of small samples – from handling, processing to storing of the respective sample. Especially, the impact of sample container in terms of quality, security, and identifiability is of high significance. SAFE® from LVL technologies offers a large range of 2D coded tubes preferably arrayed in space-saving and automated SBS racks that are suitable for storage down to -196°C (LN2). Those thermostable sample containers are available in various tube sizes at the highest quality standards. The product range also includes the required technical infrastructure such as scanners and cappers/decappers.


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Item No. Short Description Content
LVL-STP-M RUWAG Starter Package SAFE Medium
LVL-DMTR-MI-SR-CP SAFE® READ Single Express with Cryoprotection, Rack Reader
LVL-DMST-H SAFE® READ Single Tube Mobile, Tube Reader
LVL-CDC-8CH-XT-2 SAFE® Cap 8-Channel Capper HH, Capper/Decapper, for SBS 96 XT, semi-automated
LVL-DMST SAFE® READ Mini Stationery, Tube Reader