Inova Diagnostics, Inc. Inova Diagnostics, Inc.
Inova Diagnostics, Inc., part of the Werfen Group, has been the trusted source for autoimmune disease diagnostics for over 20 years. Most of Inova Diagnostic's’s work centers on the detection of autoantibodies. Inova Diagnostics strives to be in the forefront of development of new tests and technologies that aid in the diagnosis of autoimmune disease.
Human Human
Human GmbH, founded 40 years ago with the goal of developing and manufacturing products for clinical laboratories. Human is offering a wide range of clinical chemistry reagents and analyzers, infectious disease ELISAs and rapid tests, tumor markers, autoimmune LIAs and ELISA processors.
GenBio GenBio
GenBio delivers its infectious disease and autoimmunity diagnostic products in a multiparameter immunoassay strip format, ImmunoDOT, in a batch process microtiter plate format, ImmunoWELL and in the more traditional immunofluorescence format ImmunoFA. The company is currently developing a new format, ImmunoFLOW, in order to address the need for a simpler format for use in smaller clinics and...
AlphaDia AlphaDia
AlphaDia belongs to the pioneers of the membrane technology in autoimmune and gastroenterology diagnostics with their AlphaDia-Dot product line. Their easy to use Dot-panel assays allow the detection and identification of autoimmune antibodies and the profiling of different systemic autoimmune diseases.
ravo diagnostics GmbH ravo diagnostics GmbH
Ravo focusses on development and production of immunoassays for the diagnosis of infectious and autoimmune diseases. The product range comprises indirect haemagglutination assays (IHA), ELISA, ISAGA, DIFA and Line Assays.
RSR is a  developer and manufacturer of medical diagnostics with particular emphasis on autoimmune thyroid disease, type 1 diabetes mellitus, neuroimmunology and adrenal autoimmunity. These products are concerned with detection and measurement of various autoantibodies and as such are used in disease diagnosis and management. RSR has an extensive research programme which includes...   Read More
Sanquin Sanquin
Sanquin ensures a safe and efficient blood supply. Next to collecting blood, Sanquin produces pharmaceutical products, conducts high-quality scientific research, develops and performs a multitude of diagnostic services, and provides training and education.
Theradiag Theradiag
With more than 25 years experience of developing, manufacturing, and marketing innovative in-vitro diagnostics, Theradiag is now strengthening its presence in theranostics. Their new name, Theradiag, illustrates this approach. With CE marking in 2010 and the  launch in 2011 of the first Lisa-Tracker kits, they are expanding this panel by developing and launching new kits. The goal is to...   Read More
Trinity Biotech Trinity Biotech
Trinity Biotech provides one of the most comprehensive solutions for autoimmune diagnostics. Our product offering includes a wide range of IFAs, EIAs, Line Immunoassays and Western Blots for an extensive variety of autoimmune disorders.   Immco Diagnostics, a Trinity Biotech company, is a pioneer of autoimmune disease diagnostics and is unique as it also offers reference laboratory...   Read More
Biosystems Biosystems
Biosystems offers a broad, extensive portfolio of clinical diagnostics products to streamline the work flow, enhance operational efficiency and improve patient treatment. The various product lines include a wide range of reliable instruments and reagents for Clinical Chemistry, Autoimmunity, Chromatography, Serology and Quality Control.